Tooth Extractions for Westford, MA

Even with modern dental care techniques and technology, sometimes a tooth may be so severely damaged that it needs to be extracted. Tooth extractions are usually performed when a cavity has destroyed most of the tooth or if a tooth infection has caused an abscess that cannot be treated. Extracting infected teeth can prevent the problem from spreading and causing damage elsewhere.

Other reasons we might perform a tooth extraction at our Westford, Massachusetts, dental office include:

  • Problem wisdom teeth: Your wisdom teeth, or third molars, can emerge in various ways that will only cause problems. They can be misaligned or impacted. When this happens, they need to be extracted so that they don’t cause damage to your bite or other teeth.
  • Children can encounter various problems with teeth as their secondary, or adult, teeth erupt. These teeth can cause problems with bite.
  • Orthodontic patients with overcrowding problems might need to have teeth extracted to make room for orthodontic treatment.

Before your tooth extraction procedure in Westford, Massachusetts, My Smile Care will thoroughly review your dental and overall health histories. Our dentists will take X-rays and assess the tooth as well as surrounding teeth to determine the best way to go about extracting the tooth. We consider your tooth’s relationship with the teeth around it, as well as its relationship to your nerves and sinuses (if it is an upper tooth).

Aftercare is vital to the success of your tooth extraction. We want you to heal as easily and comfortably as possible. We recommend that you not suck through a straw or smoke after your extraction. This can lead to the problem known as dry socket, which occurs when the blood clot that should form in the extraction site is removed through suction or rinsing. Do not rinse your mouth with water or any other fluid for at least 24 hours. You can use an ice pack to help lessen post-extraction swelling, and warm compresses can help if there is jaw stiffness or soreness.

Once you have had a tooth extracted, especially if it was extracted because of an abscess or progressed gum disease, we might recommend tooth replacement. We offer various forms of tooth replacement at our Westford dental office, including dental implants. Tooth replacement is recommended because missing teeth can cause various problems for your bite and oral health.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dheeraj Pamidimukkala or Dr. Shivani Patel. They can review your oral health with you to determine if you’re in need of a tooth extraction. We serve families from Westford, Acton, Littleton, Chelmsford, Tyngsboro, Carlisle and beyond. Don’t let an untreated tooth problem spread. If you are suffering with any kind of chronic tooth pain or infection, consider a tooth extraction or other treatment at our office and call 978-692-6326 today.