Nightguards, NTI Nightguards, Sleep Apnea Appliances

To clean your appliance, brush the inside and the outside of the appliance after use. You can use tooth paste of dishwashing liquid. Do not scrub excessively, do not soak in bleach and do not boil the appliance. Over the years, the plastic may yellow a bit. This is normal.

The appliance would only be seated with finger pressure. Do not bite it into place, since this can cause damage.

There is typically an adjustment period of several weeks before sleeping with the appliance feels natural. Please be patient. Following the adjustment period, you will typically be more comfortable sleeping with the appliance in than out. If you have any questions about our appliances and sleep apnea treatment in Westford, Massachusetts, call My Smile Care at 978-692-6326.

If any teeth or jaw muscles hurt, or if the nightguard feels too tight, please call our dentist, Dr. Dheeraj Pamidimukkala.

Note: Not wearing the appliance for an extended period of time will result in it no longer fitting, so please wear the appliance regularly.

Store your nightguard in water when not in use.

Store your NTI appliance in a dry place.

Sleep apnea appliances may be stored either wet or dry.