You can enjoy your porcelain crown, bridge, veneers and cosmetic work right away. At My Smile Care, we minimize waiting for your new smile. You can eat hard foods, hot and cold foods, as well as sticky foods. Home care is as normal with no restrictions. You can use your electric or manual tooth brush, and you can floss.

Some mild sensitivity and a slight feeling of pressure is normal and tends to go away in a day or two. The bite may feel a bit different for several days as you get used to the porcelain. This material is both strong and durable, so you can enjoy your restoration for years to come. Come today and visit our practice for porcelain dental crowns, bridges and veneers in Westford, Massachusetts.

As always, if anything does not feel quite right, please call our office at 978-692-6326. Dr. Dheeraj Pamidimukkala will help adjust your restoration. Our dentist will help make sure your restoration feels comfortable and fits correctly. Our dentist can also help answer any questions you may have about caring for your new smile. Simply visit us today and ask for more information on dental restoration and other treatments available at our office.