Extractions for Children

There are only a few things our dentist will discuss for children’s extractions, as they are far less complicated.

Bleeding: Have your child bite gently the gauze and apply moderate pressure for twenty minutes. Remove the gauze and check to see if the bleeding has stopped. If you remove the gauze, it and the top of the hole will look red which does not necessarily mean it is bleeding. If there is blood in the saliva or coming from the site, then it is actively bleeding. Replace the gauze and repeat the first steps for another twenty minutes. Keep rested, since activity can cause the bleeding to take longer to stop.

Pain: Following tooth removal, children may experience mild to moderate discomfort. Whatever you take for a headache is a good starting point to control the discomfort. My Smile Care will discuss approaches for how to manage discomfort. If you need to speak with Dr. Dheeraj Pamidimukkala, please call 978-692-6326 to speak with our dental office in Westford, Massachusetts.

Numb Lip: If we removed a lower tooth, the lower lip on that side will be numb. In the office we made it a point to talk about not biting the lip. Do watch out for this. Kids find the numb lip interesting and may bite into it, causing bleeding and swelling.

No swimming for 24 hours.

No precautions: As far as home care, protecting the blood clot and eating, there are no precautions.