Dentures and Removable Appliances

When the appliance is not in your mouth, it should be stored in fresh tap water. Brush the outside and gum side of the appliance. Do not scrub excessively as it can cause undue wear. You can use dishwashing liquid or a mild toothpaste. Periodically, you can soak the appliance in an over-the-counter appliance cleaner. Do not use bleach and do not boil. Ideally, you should not sleep with your appliance.

Sore spots, especially with a new appliance, are expected. Call My Smile Care at 978-692-6326 and our dentist will adjust the area of the appliance causing the problem. A new appliance can take several appointments to eliminate sore spots and to customize the new bite.

Adhesives are available that can improve the grip of a loose appliance.

Immediate dentures need to be left in place for 24 hours: At that time, we will remove the appliance, inspect it and make necessary adjustments. On the second day the appliance can be removed at home so that mouth can be cleaned. Several times a day, gently rinse the sites and gently expectorate.

Four to six months after the extractions, the dentures will need to be relined so they will fit snugly to the healed extraction areas. Schedule a dentures appointment in Westford, Massachusetts, with Dr. Dheeraj Pamidimukkala.