Temporary Crowns, Bridges and Implants

Your temporary crown, bridge or implant is there to protect the tooth, prevent shifting and keep you comfortable while the main restoration is being fabricated.

Our temporary restorations in Westford, Massachusetts, are made so patients can eat and don’t have to be afraid of breaking their restoration.

Each restoration is, however, attached with a weak cement — that way it can be removed when the final crown is delivered. To prevent the temporary crown from coming off, avoid sticky foods and floss the crown, bridge or implant — as directed by our dentists.

Once the floss is dropped between the teeth, do not bring it back up through the top. Instead, let go of one end and pull the floss through. When flossing a bridge, use the floss threader to get underneath the replacement tooth.

If the temporary crown does come off, we do want you to reseat it. Line it up over the tooth and with finger pressure push it into place. If it is not seating, rotate it until it does seat properly. If the temporary feels snug on the tooth (try gently lifting it), there is no need to re-cement it. Please call My Smile Care at 978-692-6326 if you cannot seat the temporary, if it keeps coming off, or if you simply prefer to have Dr. Dheeraj Pamidimukkala and Dr. Shivani Patel reseat your restoration.